1. Only user age 18 and above is allowed to book and use any of the Gym studios.

  2. User who wants to book/use any gym studio needs to create their user account via the Green Curve SG website; www.greencurvesg.com.sg. The user data to be collected include full name (as per NRIC or Passport), mobile number, email address, gender, and home postal code. Data provided shall be true and accurate.

  3. The minimum period for each gym studio workout session is 30 minutes i.e. each day comprises 48 sessions. Sessions from 12am midnight to 7am are off-peak and after 7am till before 12am midnight are peak. Each user can book multiple sessions.

  4. For pricing of session(s), please refer to the relevant pages of the Green Curve SG website.

  5. For Bundle purchases for Gym studios, all sessions must be utilized within 3 months from date of purchase. Any unutilized session(s) shall be forfeited.

  6. Only certified PT (Personal Trainer) are allowed to purchase sessions under PT Bundle and all sessions must be utilized within 3 months from the date of purchase. Any unutilized session(s) will be forfeited.

  7. Booking of session(s) under Bundle purchases can only be done 24hrs after the time of purchase.

  8. Once booking is done there will be no refund. Hence, please choose carefully the studio, date and time before making payment.

  9. User must acknowledge i.e. tick the check box that he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions for gym studio usage before the booking can be allowed/confirmed.

  10. User must also acknowledge i.e. tick the check box that he/she will not create loud/ nuisance noise e.g. loud music/shouting/laughing loudly and/or drop weight(s) on the floor of the gym studios. They should place the weight down to the floor as gently as possible.

  11. Cancellation of booking and refund are not allowed. Only rescheduling is allowed but needs to be done manually via phone call to the Gym staff.

  12. Rescheduling of booking must be done at least 6 hours before the start of the booked session otherwise the booking will remain and the amount paid will be forfeited if the session is not used. For rescheduling, please contact/WhatsApp (90050489).

  13. Rescheduling is only allowed up to 2 times and rescheduled sessions must be within the next 3 weeks. There is no refund for unused session.

  14. Booking by 'blocked' user will not be allowed.

  15. Please enter the studio at your booking time and leave the studio punctually at the end of the booked session. The Gym will not take any excuse for whatever reason you are late.

  16. The number of pax using the studio must be in accordance to your booking e.g. 1 pax booking allows only 1 pax to use the studio.

  17. You can only use the studio you have booked, i.e. you cannot simply use any other studio even though there are no user using them.

  18. For safety reason, do not use any damaged equipment and kindly inform the staff in charge of the Gym to have it repaired as soon as possible.

  19. Please do not create banging or loud noises such as dropping of equipment on the floor, loud music, shouting/laughing out loud inside the studio, any nuisance noises etc... as it causes disturbances to the neighbours especially during office hours. Please lower the equipment slowly and gently to the floor during your workout. Please use the crash pads provided when utilising heavy weights. The Gym will have to bar you from using the studio if it receives any complaint from its neighbours for the noises caused by you.

  20. Please keep the gym studio clean and remember to take your personal belongings (e.g. mobile phone, headphones, wallet, jacket, water bottle, ring, etc...) or trash when you leave the gym studio. The Gym shall not be liable if any of items left behind cannot be retrieved or found after the session.

  21. The Gym will not tolerate and will take necessary action (including seeking necessary compensation) for the following (but not limited to) inappropriate behaviours:

    1. Exceeding the number of pax allowed.
    2. Exceeding the booked session (e.g. starting earlier or overstaying).
    3. Using another studio without booking.
    4. Creating unnecessary and excessive noises (e.g. dropping of weights and loud music).
    5. Tampering with any system (e.g. air-conditioning, CCTV, door access/locking mechanism, etc...) in the studio.
    6. Damage of studio equipment and property.
    7. Non authorised removal of studio equipment/item from the property.
    8. Entering into dispute and harassment (verbal, physical and/or sexual) of other users.

  22. User must inform the Gym studios by email at 1st_ecogym@greencurvesg.com.sg on any change of personal data registered, in particular, the user mobile number.


  24. Please adhere strictly to all instructions and guidelines stipulated by MOH for entrance (SafeEntry), temperature measurement, social distancing, mask wearing, use hand sanitizer and other measures. Users will be asked to leave immediately if the max pax of 2 is violated and will be barred from the studio.

  25. Only vaccinated (as defined by MOH) individual can access the studio(s) and verification of vaccination proof will be done by the studio staff when you visit the studio(s). Individual will not be allowed access if vaccination proof is not available or inadequate.


  27. Studio user(s) must be dressed with proper workout attire and wear covered shoes.

  28. Studio user(s) should bring their own towel and place it on the bench for your workout. Please use the cloth and disinfectant provided in the studio to clean the equipment (after use) and please wipe off your sweat on the bench or equipment.

  29. Studio user(s) is responsible for their own safety (and your exercising partner for 2 pax) in the studio. For emergency, please contact the Gym staff on-site or call this number 90050489.

  30. No eating and/or drinking is allowed except for plain water or drinking water provided at the water dispenser.

  31. Please return the equipment (e.g. dumbbells, weight plates, exercise mat, gym accessories, bench etc...) to its labelled location on the rack or location after use. Do not remove anything from the Gym studio or move equipment between the studios.


  33. Short-term to Lifetime Ban of Gym Studio Usage. The Gym studios owner reserves the right to issue short-term (e.g. for first time offender of minor violation) to lifetime (for repeated offenders) bans on user who has violated any terms and conditions of the studio usage specified herein. Short-term ban shall mean no studio booking allowed for 2 weeks and above (at the discretion of Gym studios owner) from notification of date of offence.

  34. Compensations, if necessary. The Gym studios owner reserves the right to seek monetary compensation for offences including but not limited to intentional damage to and removal of Gym studio equipment and/or property.


  36. Once payment made, no refund is possible. Delivery is normally within a week.

  37. Please inform us within 7 days of any delivery issue via email at 1st_ecogym@greencurvesg.com.sg. Please indicate the Order #., product name, quantity purchased, customer name and contact no. in the email.


  39. It would be very much appreciated if user could inform the Gym studios owner of any matters that need its urgent attention such as damaged equipment and/or inappropriate behaviour by other user(s) via WhatsApp (90050489) or email us at 1st_ecogym@greencurvesg.com.sg or use the Feedback function in the Green Curve SG website, i.e. www.greencurvesg.com.sg.